This is the time of the year everyone begins to ask you what do you want for Christmas and often you set down and make up a Christmas list. This is a poem I ran across last week written by an unknown author. Think about it as you read it.
I had the nicest Christmas list. The longest one in town,
till Daddy looked at it and said, “You’ll have to cut it down.” I knew that what he said was true, beyond the faintest doubt, but was amazed to hear him say, “You’ve left your best Friend out.” And so I scanned my list again. And said, Oh, that’s not true!” But Daddy said, “His name’s not there, that friend who died for you.” And then I clearly understood, “Twas Jesus that he meant: for Him who should come first of all I hadn’t planned a cent! I’d made a Christmas birthday list, and left the Savior out! But oh, it didn’t take me long, to change the list about. And though I’ve had to drop some names of folks I like a lot, My Lord must have the most–because His Name Is At The Top!
Let all of us remember this Christmas that what Jesus wants is you–all of you. Make Him number one in your life. Put Him at the top.
Have a wonderful Christmas with blessings from above,
Pastor Janet

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